What is Senior’s Abuse?

“It’s a crime how some seniors are treated and help is just a phone call away. Please call the Seniors Abuse Support Line.”

Senior’s abuse is any action or inaction by a person in a position of trust that causes harm to an older adult.

Senior abuse happens to an older adult when someone they know and often someone they care about limits or controls their rights and freedoms. The older adult is unable to freely make choices because they are afraid of being humiliated, hurt, left alone or the relationship ending. Abuse can be a hard word to accept and it can happen to anyone.

Most often abuse of older adults occurs within the family by adult children, grandchildren, or a spouse or partner. When someone is abused by a spouse or partner we call this domestic abuse. Other relatives, friends, neighbours, caregivers, landlords, spiritual and financial advisors or anyone in a position of trust or authority can also act abusively to an older adult.