Types of Abuse

Senior’s abuse is any action or inaction by a person in a position of trust that causes harm to an older adult, but there are a few main types of abuse we have identified that impact seniors.

Abuse is physical if someone hits you or handles you roughly.

Abuse is psychological if somebody threatens and insults someone, calls them names, humiliates or embarrasses them, intimidates them, treats them like a child or does not allow them to see family and friends.

Abuse is sexual if someone forces soneone to engage in sexual activity. This may include verbal or suggestive behaviour, not respecting personal privacy, inapporpriate touching and sexual intercourse.

Abuse is financial if somebody tricks, threatens or pursuades someone out of their money, property or possessions. Sometimes they might influence or force a person to change their will, sign a power of attorney or cash your cheques without their knowledge.

Neglect is when a caregiver or somebody else in a position of trust withholds care, food and/or emotional support. Neglect may be intentional or unintentional. Sometimes those  trusted to provide care do not have the necessary knowledge, experience or ability to carry out their responsibilities.